Smoothies are a godsend. They are delicious and nutritious. What’s more, they can be a great meal substitute or a snack (depending on how you make them). They are also a perfect way to sneak in some fruits and veggies into your kids’ diet without them noticing. Nothing works better for fussy eaters than a smoothie!

Furthermore, smoothies are really easy to make. In fact, home-made smoothies always taste better than store-bought. Here’s why.

Fresh Ingredients

When we make a smoothie at our home, we know how fresh the ingredients are. We know when and where we bought each item. Therefore, since we can guarantee the freshness of each component, we can make a stellar smoothie that will taste a thousand times better than any smoothie we might buy. After all, we never know for how long their bananas stood in the window, waiting to become a part of our mid-day snack.

Include What You Love

Nowadays, smoothies come in all sizes and are as versatile as juices. However, some picky eaters might still have trouble choosing the perfect smoothie for them. Smoothies generally have a lot of ingredients. If you’re a picky eater, chances are you won’t like at least one of them. That’s why a homemade smoothie is a right answer. You can tweak any recipe to include the things you love and nix the stuff you don’t.

Adventure Time

When we make our own smoothies, we can play with various ingredients. There’s nothing better than finding that perfect combination of flavors and nutritious ingredients. We can mix and match, and include everything our hearts might desire. However, even if something goes wrong and we make something that isn’t edible, at least we won’t be overcharged for it.

Ideal Substitutes

Healthy smoothies usually include ice or water that has the role of protecting the rest of the ingredients and making the smoothie a liquid. However, when we’re at home, we can up our game so to speak, and use frozen fruit as well. That way, our smoothies won’t taste as bland. They will be more delicious and thick, which makes them better as a meal substitute.

We Can Cheat – No One Will Know

Although most smoothies are made to be a healthy drink, if you’re looking for a decadent smoothie that you can carry around while pretending to be healthy, you have to make one at home. Some mornings simply aren’t made for healthy green drinks. Some mornings crave a chocolate smoothie. So, when you make your smoothie at home, no one will judge you if you slip some chocolate or some whole milk into it. After all, no one has to know, right?