There’s nothing better than a light mid-day snack. Or, let’s be honest, late night, morning, or frankly “anytime” snack. Although snacking isn’t that healthy, and we shouldn’t indulge that much, it’s nice to have a snack within hand’s reach for “emergencies,” if nothing else.

And, let me tell you something, no snack can beat the modest pretzel. Because they are so versatile, pretzels make the best treats. They can be sweet and savory, soft and hard, bite-sized or huge! But what are the best pretzel brands?

Original Pretzels

If you’re a traditionalist, like us, then you know nothing can beat the original pretzels. Bite-sized and so salty they might as well be decadent, original pretzels aren’t that hard to come by (thankfully). One of the best authentic pretzel brands is the Rold Gold, the epitome of what a salty pretzel should look like. However, for those looking for something more organic, Whole Foods’ 365 Crunchy Twists are a perfect choice! Both brands feature delightfully crunchy and salty treats!

Unsalted Pretzels

Pretzels are a godsend. However, they aren’t exactly ideal for those of us who need to keep an eye on our salt intake. Thankfully, the versatile snack offers an unsalted option as well. When it comes to low-sodium pretzels, Whole Food takes the cake once again with its 365 unsalted Twists that have a light texture and buttery aftertaste. However, Snyder’s unsalted Mini Pretzels come in at the very close second place.

Honey Wheat Pretzels

If you’re starting to notice a trend, you’re not wrong – Whole Foods seem to be a master of pretzel making. Their Honey Wheat pretzels are to die for. However, they can’t take the win every time, as both Snyder’s and Rold Gold have superb sweet-and-savory pretzels.

Soft Pretzels

Despite the fact that they are not technically a snack-type pretzel, soft pretzels are a well-known American treat. Even though we can buy them in stores, soft pretzels are best on the streets of Philadelphia, New York, and Chicago. If you can’t make the trip, store-bought soft pretzels by Brauhaus will make you feel as if you’re hopping on the streets of New York.

Sweet Pretzels

One could say that pretzels are perfect as they are. However, everything’s better when we cover it in chocolate. Sweet pretzels are the ideal combination – perfect for those with a sweet tooth, but also the right choice for those of us who love a bit of bite to our snacks. Like yin and yang, sweet and savory go hand in hand.

The best sweet pretzel brand out there, when it comes to mini, crunchy pretzels is BarkTHINS. Their dark chocolate pretzels are amazing! However, if you’re looking to take a bite out of something softer, try Martin’s Roni Sue’s chocolate dipped pretzel. Oversized and so soft they will melt in your mouth, Martin’s pretzels are always the winners in our book!