Snacking is a vice for many of us. How many times have you grabbed a handful of peanuts, chips, or popcorn while walking through your kitchen? Probably too many to count. If we’re looking to cut our calorie intake, the snacks are the first to go. However, if we must snack (and, indeed, we do), are there any snacks that are preferable to others?

Pretzels – a Blessing in Disguise

Sure, snacking is a vice best kept at arm’s length. However, if you do need to munch on anything, it’s best to go with pretzels. There are multiple benefits to eating pretzels.

Low in Calories

When it comes to snacks, pretzels are relatively low in calories. Compared to potato chips, for example, pretzels have around 200 fewer calories. However, don’t expect that you can snack on them with no limit and still keep that summer body looking slim. There are around 380 calories in 100 gr of pretzels.

Low in Fat

Pretzels are a great snack because they are cholesterol-free. In fact, a serving of pretzels is very low in fat – only around 3gr of fat per 100 gr of pretzels. Additionally, the existing fat is beneficial. Pretzels contain healthy, unsaturated fat that can help lower your cholesterol levels.

High in Fiber

For those of us struggling to keep our fiber intake up, pretzels come as a convenient solution. That’s especially true if we stick to our decisions to eat healthily and buy whole wheat pretzels. Those snacks have between 3 and 8 gr of fiber per serving. Given that medical specialists recommend between 20 and 30 gr of fiber per day, a tasty snack break should definitely include whole wheat pretzels.

Vitamins and minerals

Another advantage of snacking on pretzels is that they contain a lot of vitamins and minerals. Among other things, pretzels contain calcium and magnesium. Those minerals are vital for our skeletal and cardiovascular systems. What’s more, thanks to the high calcium levels, this modest snack can also help improve our sleep quality.

Furthermore, pretzels also contain vitamin B, iron and folic acid. Those can improve our overall immune system. However, folic acid and iron can also help battle anemia, which is why pretzels are a healthy snack for those of us struggling with keeping our hemoglobin levels up.

A few parting words

Keep in mind that, although healthy, pretzels aren’t the ideal snack. They contain a lot of sodium, and can severely impact your salt intake levels. However, if you’re a pretzel fanatic like us, you can quickly work around this problem. There are a lot of un-salted pretzels out there. Now that’s a winning snack right there!