Although many don’t agree with his presidency, we cannot deny the fact that President Donald Trump likes to look good. However, stress, anxiety and all sorts of problems can easily have an impact on anyone, not just the elected head of a country. Thus, let’s see what our president could do if he were to embark on a weight loss journey.

Tip #1: Portion control

Most of the time, we are not even aware of how much we have eaten. When we’re starving because our last meal was about five hours ago, our stomach feels like a huge hole we just have to fill with something. That’s when we decide to binge on all sorts of things, and sometimes, even on healthy food.

However, portion control is crucial if our president wants to lose weight. Even something as healthy as a salad can turn into fat if we eat tons of it. Furthermore, it’s essential for him to restrict himself to only what is on his plate.

Snacking away in the Oval Office before an important dinner with other presidents just won’t do. In fact, it will hinder his progress, especially if he resorts to eating crisps as a way to pass the time.

Tip #2: Exercise whenever possible

Of course, if our president is trying to lose weight, he cannot just rely on portion control. Exercise is important, and not just because it will speed up his weight loss. Ideally, working out every other day should prevent excess skin.

So what should our president do? We recommend trying high-intensity interval training. It’s crucial to start sweating those pounds away as soon as possible. Furthermore, our president should try to exercise whenever he has the time. Sometimes, he’ll have just a few minutes before an important meeting. That’s quite enough to do a few sit-ups!

Tip #3: Avoid fast food, sugar, white flour and dairy

Finally, our president should tweak his diet a bit. Since dairy intolerance is something many people struggle with, he ought to check if he should avoid milk, cheese, and other dairy products. There are great substitutes he can use, like almond milk and tofu. In any case, many experts say cow milk isn’t even that healthy, so dodging it is crucial.

Fast food is also best left to people with fast metabolisms. This sort of food is the real enemy here, as it’s delicious yet not satisfying at all. Thus, whenever we eat it, we feel happy – for a while. However, that happiness goes down the drain as soon as we step on the scale.

But the greatest offenders of all are definitely sugar and white flour.

If our president doesn’t stop with sweets, cakes, and sodas, no amount of exercise will help. Therefore, we recommend getting off sugar forever. It simply isn’t doing anything for his health, and it makes weight loss practically impossible. What’s more, white flour is yet another obstacle he has to conquer. Bread and pasta are just not an option if he wants to shed some pounds and improve his health.