The networks that power our digital devices are getting stronger, but the planned implementation of the 5G network will will make it possible to achieve download speeds that would increase the current fastest speed by at least 1,000 percent. Before we get to the risk associated with sleeping with digital devices, you have to ask yourself if 5G networks are safe for human, pet, and plant life.

Digital devices are an integral part of every person’s life. People are so used to keeping them around during every activity throughout the day, that they don’t think about the possible negative effect that those devices can cause. When it comes to sleeping with their digital devices, there are some dangers that people should be aware of.

Health Risks

Even though there has not been any concrete evidence, we need to warn users about the potential health risks of electronic devices. The World Health Organization issued a warning about possible carcinogenic effects that cell phones and other similar devices may have.

The warning was issued because these gadgets emit doses of electromagnetic radiation. Those doses are small, but the risk is still there, so it is better for everyone to at least avoid sleeping with digital devices next to them.

Blue Light

Electronic devices can also prevent people from falling asleep. Devices such as cell phones, tablets, televisions, and laptops emit the blue light. That blue light makes it harder for melatonin to be produced. Melatonin is very important since it is a hormone that controls the sleep cycle. Not only will users not be able to fall asleep, but they will also have a lower sleep quality if they do.

Like with almost anything else, small doses will not have a big impact. But if people make a habit of using their digital devices before they go to bed, it can cause great problems, such as chronic sleep deprivation.

Sleep Quality

Even when people do not think that they have any impact on them, messages that they receive from their digital devices can keep their mind active. They can stimulate their brain and distract their mind. In addition, they can cause problems with falling asleep.

Electronics can also disturb people while they are sleeping. Notifications that they receive during the night can wake them up multiple times and affect the quality of the sleep. So, it is best to keep the devices far away in order to get some rest.

As you can see, digital devices are not that harmless, especially when people are sleeping with them. We warned users about some health risks that they should be aware of. Since electronics can affect the process of falling asleep and prevent people from being well-rested, the best way to avoid the possible dangers is to put away the devices before going to bed.


Almost all the digital devices emit some type of radiation into the atmosphere, and if it is in a confined space, the consequences can be deadly. The risk associated with digital devices are still being catalogued, but make no mistake about it, the radiation emitted by these devices impact the human body negatively.

You need a good night’s rest and turning off all devices will allow your body to get peaceful rest that it deserves.