A homemade gift basket is a fitting present for anyone. It shows that we care enough to devote time to gathering the perfect items and arranging them in a particular way. There’s nothing that can beat a homemade gift basket during the holiday season. However, there are also plenty of other occasions that are perfect for busting out those crafting skills – birthdays, baby showers, bachelorette parties, etc.

But, what snacks are ideal for a fabulous homemade gift basket?

Ideal snacks for Homemade Gift Baskets

Birthday Bash

I love making birthday gift baskets. It’s an excellent opportunity to show the people I really care about that I know what their interests are, and what they like. On the other hand, a basket is also perfect for acquaintances. Even the most generic items will look wonderful and make a thoughtful gift.

For birthday bash homemade gift baskets, the ideal snacks are, of course, birthday related! Birthday cake-inspired cupcakes are always a real hit, for example. Furthermore, when creating this kind of a basket, always be prepared that the birthday boy or girl might want to open it at the party. So, include snacks that can cater to a lot of people – cookies, cupcakes, cake pops, and similar items are ideal for this occasion.


A home-made gift basket for a baby shower can be a real hit with parents-to-be. Instead of making the basket all about the baby, why not take another approach and include things the new parents might appreciate.

For example, it might be a nice touch to include some pre-made meals into the basket. That way, the new parents don’t have to worry about cooking in the first couple of days. That’s not only practical but also very thoughtful, and the new parents will greatly appreciate it!

Adult Only

Some parties aren’t as kid-friendly as baby showers are. Therefore, they are a perfect opportunity to make an adult-only homemade gift basket. Aside from including fancy alcohol, like a nice bottle of wine or a favorite spirit, you can make the snacks adult-only as well. Vodka cookies or rum-soaked cherries will be a great addition to your adult gift basket. And, if you’re an avid baker, you can even make rum brownies or margarita bars!

Put Your Own Spin On It

When it comes to special occasions, no one knows what’s best for your loved ones better than you. For example, a Mother’s Day gift basket should include some lovely baked goods. I recommend scones, homemade biscuits or cookies.

However, if your mom doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth, there are plenty of savory treats you can include! You can make a themed gift basket for a lovely picnic or a tea party in the garden. Your mom will surely enjoy cucumber sandwiches or mini meat pies. For a special touch, you can wrap them up individually and put a cute bow on each.

Gift giving makes my heart sing. Picking and making favorite treats and arranging items in a gorgeous basket always puts a smile on my face. And my loved ones are always happy to receive a gift basket with delicious snacks!